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My name is Kate Thompson and I’m been photographing weddings since 2011. I live in Virginia with my left-brained other half, Nick and our little gal, Helen. Photography is how I take a stab at making sense of the world. I haven’t found any answers but damn if I’m not wild about the process. People tell me I’m a calming presence on wedding day - a “stealthy photo ninja” if you will. On the inside I feel like daydreaming fool with a curiosity about the layers of human expression and a hunger to make playful but meaningful photos - for you.

I let intuition guide me and am pulled to the moments and beautiful imperfections that punctuate your wedding day. I'll capture swirls of chaos, quiet subtleties, and everything in between. I'm an observant fly on the wall but am prepared at any moment to jump in and be a decisive, calming presence without needing to be asked. The best I can hope for is that you end up with a visual narrative for your family to enjoy for years to come and that your photos are the perfect cocktail of my values/creative risks and your important memories. 


When I'm not traveling to photograph weddings and families (which is much of the time) I co-run a small creative studio with my sister Anna called Palindrome Creative Co.  I also co-founded a retreat for photographers called The Family Narrative that is held annually in both New Orleans and Australia. My work has been published in The New York Times, Garden & Gun, Travel + Leisure, The Local Palate, Into Quarterly, Thomas Keller's Finesse Magazine, and Food + Wine. When I'm not working, you can find me cooking, hiking, practicing yoga, reading, or tending to my beehives. 


If you're curious, Betty Clicker is a nickname I was given as a child.
I think of it as my photography alias and figurative superwoman cape. Calm is my superpower. ] 



my approach


Life is about relationships. Listening to my clients is essential to my creative process and allows me to make honest photographs that connect our visions, match personality to portraiture, and establish trust. I strive to make photographs that broaden our emotional repertoire, encourage nostalgia, and show the importance of slowing down and being present. I'm inspired by the art that exists in genuine moments of connection between people and their environment and enjoy working with couples who are not afraid to trust me.

I do my best work when I am given the creative space to be myself. Since I will be with you during every tear, knowing look, and moment of vulnerability, sometimes I'll feel like a friend. At other times I might seem like a fly on the wall.. or a guest. My best wedding photographs have come from pure moments of spontaneity - not from a shot list or strict schedule. Couples who trust and give me free reign to document their celebration are the couples whose photos take you right back to what it felt like to be there at the wedding.