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I have a few other projects going on outside my wedding + family photography businesses. Read below to learn more!


The Family Narrative | March 12-15, 2018 | New Orleans, LA

I am one of four women who co-founded and run an annual workshop in New Orleans for experienced family photographers that brings the best and the brightest in the industry together. The Family Narrative was an idea born out of wanting to inspire other family photographers, create community, and to learn ourselves after being in the industry for quite some time. Strangely, that seemed like a tough combination to find, but sometimes if you want something new and interesting, you just have to create it yourself... so we did! Our goal in creating this retreat was to offer established photographers a place to commune with their peers, push through burnout, learn from each other and leave feeling inspired and invigorated.


Palindrome Creative Co. | Branding, Design + Photography Studio

Palindrome is a sister-fueled collaboration that began with an idea between me + my sister Anna. With shared sensibilities and backgrounds in graphic design, publishing and photography, our studio aims to empower clients with a visual vocabulary needed to enhance their narrative. We rely on an intuitive aesthetic and a penchant for nostalgia to design compelling visuals that bring ideas to life. Our Richmond, VA-based studio is a one-stop shop for businesses looking for branding and enhanced visuals with services ranging from logo and interior design to photography and copywriting. 

102. W. Broad St, Richmond VA 23220