Iceland, August 2015

I went to Iceland last August with several cameras, dozens of rolls of 120mm film, and a brand spankin' new tripod in tow. Maggie, Anna, Elise, Mikaela, Annemie & I squished our bags into a 4x4 rental and whipped around the ring road over the course of one week. I remember skyr breakfasts, vanishing fog, rapidly-changing skies, innumerable gasps at the sights of glacier tongues, a nauseating boat ride punctuated by a blue whale sighting, a huddle of ladies knitting lopapeysas in a mountainside cottage, the soft, flutter-tongue sound of the Icelandic language, swarms of black flies surrounding Icelandic ponies, bubbling, scalding earth farts, incessant giggling in the Pathfinder, the other-worldly isolation of Iceland's interior, fields of lupine, & the smell of sulfur wafting as we submerged our bodies into aquamarine thermal pools.