Omayah + Mohammed in Sevilla, Spain | Hacienda de Oran Wedding

One of the challenges of wedding photography is that you often become intimately - but very briefly - involved in a family's narrative. As my business grows I’m beginning to get more clients who invite me to document milestones beyond their weddings - anniversaries, births, family portraits. But weddings can often be a one-time crossing of paths. You help plan out the day, meet the loved ones, document the greetings and goodbyes, tear up at the toasts, receive heartfelt words of thanks for being part of the celebration. And just when you've bonded over a weekend of emotion and celebration…. it's over. It can be a lot to witness.

Fortunately I had the privilege of meeting Omayah back in 2009 in New York City, where we were both pursuing graduate degrees in Bilingual Speech Pathology. What I remember most of Omayah was her knowledge of food and impeccable taste in restaurants. She was a go-to for recommendations on where to eat in New York City (and now has an amazing blog called Omayah Cooks). Fast forward a couple years and we both independently started photography businesses. Omayah attended a workshop that I co-founded called The Family Narrative and we since have kept in touch more regularly. When she and Mohammed got engaged, she called me up and asked if I’d photograph her wedding in Sevilla, Spain (YES, DUH). The mid-September weekend was full of food, flamenco, colorful attire, a random and highly unlikely monsoon, and many meaningful words about Omayah + Mohammed’s homeland, Syria.

Omayah - thank you for your friendship, support, and for inviting me to document such an incredible weekend.  What a privilege.

Venue: Hacienda de Oran
Planning: All Seasons Weddings

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