Mosquito Supper Club, February 2017

Last week I traveled to New Orleans to photograph a past wedding client's growing family and to iron out final details of a photography workshop I've been planning with my fellow lady photographers Annemie and Posy called The Family Narrative (check it out if you haven't yet!).  I've tried to make it a habit to reach out to creatives I admire when I travel to their cities, so- naturally- I reached out to Melissa Martin of Mosquito Supper Club.

Melissa has been hosting supper clubs out of her sunny shotgun space in New Orleans for several years, revisiting and reinventing recipes reminiscent of her grandmother's kitchen and her childhood on the bayou. She created her supper club series to celebrate the rapidly disappearing seafood culture of southern Louisiana. Our meal that particular night included hot toddies, homemade biscuits with maple butter, crawfish etouffee over popcorn rice, arugula + citrus salad, crabcakes, and finally some perfectly charred strawberry pie.

Melissa is not only an incredibly talented chef and writer, but a simultaneously open and sharp-witted woman. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with her chatting and making photos, enjoying wafts of pie dough and simmering crawfish etouffee.

Kate ThompsonComment