Women's March, Washington D.C. / January 21, 2017

Yesterday, together with my mother and nearly a half million people in Washington D.C. alone (and millions globally), I had the privilege of marching and raising my voice in support of human rights. The countless acts of kindness I witnessed in the streets of D.C. were a reminder of the power of all the good in the world. I am immensely grateful for the renewed sense of accountability to be wary of using actions for social leverage and to deeply examine my own daily motives. It was a beautiful day full of empowering conversation, side-stitching laughter (the cleverness of all the signs, y'all- take a few moments to read them), and tremendous feminist solidarity. 

And now- because my preferred medium of expression is photography- I'll leave you a quote from someone whose art is in her leadership, actions and words:

"God may be in the details, but the goddess is in connections.... We are linked, we are not ranked. And this is a day that will change us forever because we are together. Each of us individually and collectively will never be the same again."- Gloria Steinem, January 21, 2017.

Kate Thompson3 Comments