Mexico City, February 2016

Back in February I spent a long weekend in Mexico City. After a zippy flight from Atlanta, I found myself in traffic (a repeated theme) headed to the Centro Historico, where I was lulled to sleep (in a 17th Century colonial palace turned hotel) by the muffled sounds of a sprawling city of 3.5 million cars and 8.8 million people. The weekend was spent strolling through the city, witnessing whirring vignettes of people and color made no less vibrant by layers of smog. Highlights of the weekend in this cosmopolitan giant included the dynamic interactions between street food vendors,  watching elderly couples enjoy Sunday afternoon dancing in the plazas, re-awakening my dormant Spanish vocabulary in conversation with the locals, absorbing the landscapes of public art, sleepy afternoons on Condesa rooftops above layers of the city, and tasting the fruits, fried insects, and red Oaxacan mole at the Mercado de Carnes Exotias.

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