The Lovely Sarah Deragon

I adore the little thrills of travel- the emotions of beginning a trip and packing fists full of film to-be-exposed, the simple pleasures of tomato juice and salty peanuts in flight, the sight of land from above, the first deep inhales in an unfamiliar climate. The 12% extrovert in me imagines the potential on arrival for new friendships to bud and invents this to be an effortless, polished transaction- one that happens instantly on sitting down to dine alone at a swanky restaurant when a friendly neighbor at the bar takes me under their wing and orders us a round of palomas.

This has never happened. I usually chicken out and bury my nose in my sandwich, pen and journal in-hand to give the appearance of business. But once in a blue moon I gather the courage to contact a photographer whose work I admire from afar to schedule a blind lunch, talk shop, and photo swap. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting said sort of photo role model, the lovely Sarah Deragon. I've been a long-time fan of her feminist ideals, knack for everyday portraiture, and projects Portraits To The People and The Identity Project. We met for lunch at Souvla and found kindred spirits in one another over an afternoon of urban hiking around San Francisco.

I hope you take some time to visit Sarah's work and also enjoy the many expressions of Sarah against the thousands of beautiful walls, doors and colors of Hayes Valley below.