Kolkata Wedding | Kaylyn + Kush, December 2016

One of the challenges of wedding photography is that you become intimately - but very briefly - involved in a family's narrative. As my work evolves, I'm beginning to get more clients who go on to hire me for annual portraits or family photos, but it can often weddings can be the a one-time crossing of paths. You meet the grandparents, document the tears, listen to the toasts, receive heartfelt words of thanks for being part of the celebration. And just when you've bonded over a weekend of emotion and celebration, it's over.

. . . Unless, that is, you have the privilege of photographing multiple weddings in one family. Kaylyn & Kush called me up exactly two years ago to ask if I'd photograph their wedding in D.C., their city of residence. Months later, we all flew to Kolkata, India so that Kush's family could host their own cultural version of the nuptials. Last weekend I photographed Kaylyn sister Charlene's wedding at their family home in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I've often traveled with families to new places for weddings, but spending a week in India with the Demings took this to a whole new level. Almost a year later, I'm still processing the intensity of India (I shared a few personal photos from the trip here). For now, here's a short re-cap of the colorful, chaotic, overstimulating swirl that is a multi-day Bengali wedding in Kolkata. 

Thank you to the Deming family who has truly made me feel a part of each family celebration. They've been so generous with their time and kindess before, during and after each wedding.  What a privilege.